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A Quick Hello!


I am genuinely pleased that you're here; it means something important has happened. You have agreed to give me a moment of your time and that is a truly precious commodity! You could be doing something really important right now or indeed something mundane, allowing you to switch off and relax! But no, you've been kind enough to humour me. 

My name is Matt, and I'm the chap behind Amber Ankh Events. I won't offer a potted autobiography here, no one wants that! I'll just say I've been an event organiser in different forms for nearly a decade. Back in 2019, I broke the chains I was shackled with and launched my first Pagan event - The Ely Pagan and Alternative Fayre - which turned out to be a rather sizable success! From there, we moved on to launching the "Soul and Serenity Fayre" in Ely, in January of 2020. A new venue, a new idea and despite the early date and the poor weather, we welcomed over 600 hundred people through the doors and hosted over 30 traders and therapists, six hugely successful talks, a raffle (who doesn't love a raffle?) and 600+ people who seemed thrilled!

Where next? Well 2020 has been.... terrible! So we're looking onwards to 2021 when we plan to launch the full programme we had planned for 2020 with some additions!

I can't wait for you to join us,

Be Well,


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