Amber Ankh Events is thrilled and honoured to present

Kabbalah - The Inner Temple with Paul Roland

A Two Day Course, over consecutive Sundays (3rd and 10th October)

Kabbalah Workshop – The Inner Temple


An accessible and authoritative introduction to the ancient Jewish mystical system that forms the foundation of the western esoteric tradition.Kabbalah seeks to answer the key questions which preoccupy us all, concerning the meaning of life and the nature and purpose of existence as well as providing proven practical techniques for personal transformation.


Kabbalah has an unwarranted reputation for being archaic, complex and even deliberately obscure, but spiritual teacher and author Paul Roland considers it to be the obligation of a teacher to demonstrate that it is in essence, very simple and that its secrets should be available to everyone, regardless of their background or belief, especially in this age of anxiety and uncertainty.Kabbalah promotes a positive philosophy in which every individual is significant and is empowered with the means of attaining self-realization or enlightenment.


This workshop will introduce you to these methods and techniques which you can then practice on your own in the certainty that you are following the right path for you.


“It has always been my approach to combine insight, personal experience and common sense in teaching esoteric principles and to take the sensationalism out of the supernatural and allay fear of the unknown, so that my students can feel confident to explore the inner and upper worlds. Both the original and traditional visualisation exercises that I use are safe and at the same time potentially very powerful, offering access to higher states of consciousness and giving insights into facets of the individual personality.”


Price - £200 per Person


A light luncheon and refreshments will be provided on both days of the course.


Spaces are Stricly Limited due to Paul's desire to provide a truly immersive experience.


Aged 18 and Over


Address any Questions to Amber Ankh Events.


Kabbalah - The Inner Temple - 3rd and 10th October

  • If a cancellation is requested with more than 28 days left until the date of the course, a full refund minus a 10% admin fee will be given.

    If a cancellation is requested after this period, a refund of 50% willl be given due to pre-existing costs. 

    No Refund will be offered should a student attend the first session and not the latter session, unless extreme circumstance is present and this will be at the discretion of Amber Ankh Events

  • A digital confirmation will be provided and all items associated with the course will be provided on the day, in person.